What to expect from Photoshop CS5

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Adobe Creative Suite 5 will be officially announced on April 12 and will ship probably a month later. The crown jewel is, of course, Photoshop and it’s always fun to speculate on what it will bring.

New Painting engine

This is something directly aimed at Corel Painter and its ‘natural media’ painting. It’s still not quite there in terms of sophistication as Painter but it’s a big improvement.

Color picker and painting

Puppet Warp

This has been present in After Effects and Flash for quite some time, but it’s nice to have in Photoshop when the Liquify doesn’t cut it. I’m especially thrilled about using the ‘pins’ for controlled image distortions as they illustrate at the end of the video:

New smart selection tools

The selection is getting smarter when there are fine details like fur over complex backgrounds. This stuff has been possible for some time via plugins, but it’s nice to see it integrated (not to mention that it forces the plugin makers to innovate).

Content-aware fill

Remember the healing brush and the patch tool? How amazed you were when you discovered them? Then prepare to be amazed once more:

Overall, Photoshop CS5 is shaping as a solid release, well worth the upgrade.
Of course, we’ll have to wait for the official announcement, but these features are pretty much confirmed.

Armand Niculescu

Armand Niculescu

As the Senior Project manager, Armand is one of the rare kind of developers that can do both design and programming with equal skill. This, coupled with a solid background and many years of experience, enables him to see the big picture and plan for the small details.

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