Photography on the iPad

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A slew of photography and film apps have been developed for Apple’s iPad. Appealing to professional and amateur photographers alike, many photography apps have been developed for the iPad. The iPad’s large touchscreen and high resolution is extremely conducive to photo viewing and photo editing.

Snapseed screenshot

SnapseedOne of the most valuable apps for photo editing available on the App Store is Snapseed. Created by Nik Software, the simple app utilizes the iPad’s expansive screen and its touch capabilities. The app offers 11 different editing categories, ranging from selective adjust to organic frames. Within each category, a set of options is available to allow for an extensive editing suite being available to both professionals and amateurs.


Color SplashColor Splash is one of the simplest and most fun apps currently available for the iPad. The app automatically imports all photos as black and white, and simply allows users to paint colors back onto part of the picture using your finger as a brush. A host of brushes, along with undo buttons, are available within the app. Exporting the photo to Facebook, a wireless printer, or into MMS or email is a breeze.


100 cameras in 1100 Cameras in 1, a recent addition to the iPad app store, offers a unique take upon the iPhone camera. A picture taken from an iPad camera or imported onto the iPad is subjected to one of many “camera” options. After choosing a filter, a set of overlays is available. The contrast of the image can be adjusted, as can the brightness. Several more advanced effects, such as adding a vignette, can be done easily with the app. The app further supports exporting pictures to social media websites with the touch of a button. This app accommodates photographers  in the same way accommodates satellite TV viewers.


PhotosyncPhotosync offers the most comprehensive and extensive set of editing tools available on the App store. Wireless options to transfer pictures are an absolute breeze, and the app allows for direct transfer from an iPhone to an iPad, further increasing its convenience. A host of editing features makes this app extremely well-rounded, and one of the best apps for those serious about entering the iPad photo-editing market with a comprehensive app with a slew of handy features.

Armand Niculescu

Armand Niculescu

As the Senior Project manager, Armand is one of the rare kind of developers that can do both design and programming with equal skill. This, coupled with a solid background and many years of experience, enables him to see the big picture and plan for the small details.