Batch minfy & gzip new files only with some date tricks

With everybody using grunt.js for linting, css compilation and minification nowadays, I wanted to make a simple experiment and see if I could do the same using a plain batch file – in Windows no less. Turns out some things are very easy and some quite tricky.  While this article is about batch processing of html files, you can apply the same principle for any sort of batch processing in Windows.
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The free, easy way to backup your (WordPress) site

There are many ways to backup a site. There are remote storage solutions, WordPress plugins and more. They all have various advantages and disadvantages. Some of them incur a monthly fee, some of them are manual only and even fewer solutions offer any level of versioning.
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Showing thumbnails for all image types in Windows Explorer

Mac users have it easy. On OS X, the system decodes all major image types. On Windows however, only the most ubiquitous formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF) are recognized out-of-the-box, which becomes frustrating for graphic designers. Read more