Best 50 Photoshop CS4 shortcuts

Finding tools or remembering where is a button you need fast can be disturbing sometimes so I have selected 50 useful keyboard shortcuts to help you work faster. Read more

Organize Your Brushes!

I’m back again as I promised with a video tutorial about organizing brushes. First of all I have to admit that the brushes presented in the video are downloaded from deviant art (Resources – Applications – Photoshop Brushes). I made this video for people who do not know how to upload, save or organize brushes. I hope you will find it usefull, when I first started to work in Photoshop all I did was play with hue and saturation, levels, contrast and so on, I discovered what brushes can do much more later and I really do regret that I did not know that from the beginning. (P.S. here on the left is a sneak preview of the next tutorial, be sure not to miss it.) Read more