Smart generation of Gzip files for nginx

As the complexity of today’s sites increases, so are the challenges to keep the site loading fast and bandwidth usage low. Minified scripts, concatenated CSS, image sprites and even hand-crafted static html are used for speedy delivery. This article discusses some less-known features of nginx that can lead to significant speed increase.
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Replacing Union Platform Default Derby Datasource with MySQL Server

Union Platform is powerful and easy-to-use multiplayer server written in Java. By default it uses an embedded Derby database. In this article I’ll show you how you can replace this datasource with a MySQL one and how to process the database with minimum downtime.
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The free, easy way to backup your (WordPress) site

There are many ways to backup a site. There are remote storage solutions, WordPress plugins and more. They all have various advantages and disadvantages. Some of them incur a monthly fee, some of them are manual only and even fewer solutions offer any level of versioning.
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