17 Years

and counting

We’ve been providing web & multimedia solutions since 1997. We’ve seen the Internet evolve, fads coming and going, buzzwords flying around. We’ve thrived by not giving into hype and by remaining true to our core ideals.

We are not selling hollow eyecandy; we’re here to bring your ideas to life, to help your business soar, to give your audience a solid experience. To that end, we’ll use all the technologies available to us. NET/MSSQL or PHP/MySQL, Flash/AIR or HTML5 – they’re all just tools we will use to your benefit. We put our heart and soul in our work to deliver a product with a solid foundation and a beautiful finish.

Our location in Central Europe allows us to keep our services very affordable without any sacrifice in quality. Excellence knows no borders and we’ve proven that, over and over again, by exceeding expectations, by underpromising and overdelivering. From major companies like Nokia, Opel or Pfizer to small businesses, we provide everyone with great results within their budget.

The Secret


Liviu R. Niculescu

Liviu R. Niculescu


Liviu handles most business and financial decisions but isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and design. His intuitive understanding of aesthetics is invaluable in the early stages of a project when the look&feel are shaped.

Armand Niculescu

Armand Niculescu

Senior Project Manager

Armand is one of the rare kind of developers that can do both design and programming with equal skill. This, coupled with a solid background and many years of experience, enables him to see the big picture and plan for the small details.

Whenever a project demands additional talent, we work with several amazing artists – digital painters, 3D modelers and musicians. Over the years we have forged a great relationship with such people who prefer to remain independent contractors rather than becoming employees; we understand and respect them.