September 10, 2004

We have a new office - more workstations, a warm and friendly environment. Having just completed a short feature film for a company, it feels good to be involved in diverse projects - multimedia, film, photography, and of course programming.

July 22, 2004

12 developers. 110 days. 16,500 man-hours. That’s the effort poured into the project for WPA from April to July. The tremendous success of the Enterprise-wide project has lead to requests for new functionality. Meanwhile, we’re preparing for a major renovation of the office as well as for an upgrade of our network.

February 9, 2004

The Enterprise Application is still growing, with more modules being added. There are over 60,000 lines of code on the client-side (Flash Actionscript) and about the same on the server-side (C#).

November 20, 2003

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission ( web site was a complete success, a fact demonstrated by a few numbers. Over the course of one day, it receives 2.7 million hits from more than 12,000 users, who generate a traffic of almost 14 Gb. The intranet is also fully functional. It has been an honour for us to work such a high-profile government agency.

September 5, 2003

The TIMESCAPE application we’ve built for Taylormade UK as a tool for teaching English grammar is now being used by General Electric - Wind Energy / Salzbergen, Germany and the Bristol University. This is wonderful news for us because Timescape is a project very close to our hearts.

July 1, 2003

The Enterprise-level Rich Clients project is going so well that the customer decided for additional features. This means no holiday for us - again. The project now weights over 40,000 lines of code in 9 different modules and they use 120 different web service methods.

May 9, 2003

You may have noticed that the HTML version of the site is now done with PHP. If you’re wondering why, it’s because now the Flash and HTML versions of the site share the same XML datasource and the same images, making updates easier and requiring less disk space.

January 6, 2003

Our new Flash site is now online. Far from being just eyecandy, it features a full-blown XML rendering system that allows for rich and dynamic content, as all pages are just external XML files, loaded and parsed upon request, like in a web browser. The site is also resizable (not scalable), meaning that it will fit perfectly on screen regardless of screen resolution. Moreover, it features History Back/Forward buttons for easy navigation and even the ability to print formatted pages - with Print Preview. On top of all that, the Flash site engine and graphics weigh only 150Kb as opposed to 280Kb of the HTML version and many graphic files are shared between the versions. This was made possible by building our own optimised set of UI elements.

October 1, 2002

After four months of work, the Taylormade TIMESCAPE project is now online. In our client’s words “Everyone just really likes it, the design, technique and everything. You and your team have really done a wonderful job and I am in no doubt that when such a product comes from the heart it will succeed!” The project uses Flash and XML to deliver dynamic, interactive training courses. It is subscription-based and uses our User Authentication System.

March 12, 2002

Macromedia Site of the DayAs the ultimate testimony that Macromedia Flashâ„¢ is a fast and reliable technology, we have created the first ever known chess game developed with Actionscript. The computer A.I. is written entirely in Actionscript using a highly optimised tree-based algorithm that can evaluate up to 25,000 possible moves per cycle. This means that it can “think” several steps ahead and anticipate your moves in order to choose the best action. This resulted in a new Macromedia Site of the Day Award!

September 1, 2001

We’re expanding! We’ve doubled the office size, replaced old equipment, upgraded our computers and so on. This autumn will bring several big projects with it so we must be prepared.

May 11, 2001

After another four months of non-stop work, we finally have some time to breathe. With the new & improved WPA site online, we are now eager to explore other areas. The demand for hi-quality online games is going higher and higher so we’re going to launch several new games soon.

February 25, 2001

As always, the beginning of the year brings a lot of work. With the failure of so many “dot-coms” (or should I say “dot-gones”?), one would think we’re having a hard time. Not at all, good management and solid skills have always succeeded. We are working on several projects, corporate, branding and entertainment. In our little spare we are also developing a (yet another) innovative flash game, and of course we’re keeping up with the latest (CSS3 and such).

November 1, 2000

After several months of work, we’ve finished the first version of a flash game engine, code-named FAST-ERA (Fast ActionScript Tools & Engine for Rave Applications). This engine allows the creation of highly complex online games. We’ve worked with BlueChip, Austria, and they’ve came up with a fun and addictive game called WebHamster, possibly the best game ever made in Flash.

November 1, 2000

After several months of work, we’ve finished the first version of a flash game engine, code-named FAST-ERA (Fast ActionScript Tools & Engine for Rave Applications). This engine allows the creation of highly complex online games. We’ve worked with BlueChip, Austria, and they’ve came up with a fun and addictive game called WebHamster, possibly the best game ever made in Flash.

September 23, 2000

The WPA website launched. We still have a lot to do, from banners to flash movies, but it’s fun! After Photo Blocks and Ghost 2000, we released two new games, Photo Puzzle and Missile Defender. Especially the later is very successful. We also finished a Flash presentation for a 3D animated series and the design for a web-security portal.

August 14, 2000

Summer moves on, but no vacation for us. We’ve just finished prototyping a new flash site for one of the big players in the UK Insurance business. In the spare time we’re working on two new flash games – no details, but they are going to rock!

July 10, 2000

The new site is up! So many new things and improvements, too many to list them all. So just explore, you’ll find something interesting.

May 15, 2000

We’ve expanded again our local network and upgraded the internet connection. And the new Linux server rocks. We’re planning to use it as a secure customer area.

April 25, 2000

After all this silence, you may have wondered what happened to us. The answer? Too much work… But it was worth it. Our largest work to date: more than 1000 pages that will become a dynamic online administration solution. The site should be online in UK this summer. Fingers crossed.

January 22, 2000

Great news (although you may already know…), we’ve been selected as Macromedia Site of the Day (February 21 2000). Very exciting times for us!

February 19, 2000

We have two new employees in the team, Tavi (age 28) and Cosmin (age 22). Also, while working on a huge e-commerce site, we’ve found some time to build an entire scientific calculator using only flash actionscript. On the other hand some have breached the copyright regarding our FlashBreak. Our retaliation was swift and very effective.

January 15, 2000

Ahh, don’t you just love winter… It’s a good season for the web. Anyway, while working for various projects (including for a new UK partner company, internet/dreams, we still have found the time to make new game in flash, Poker Machine. More great stuff is still to come this spring, so keep an eye on us.

January 1, 2000

The last few months were extremely busy and it seems that the next period will be also very exciting. We’ve finished several projects, from a small intro for to a Flash4 site full of Actionscript at and online brochures for an insurance company in UK. Above all, we’ll keep improving our range of services, so keep an eye on this site!

September 23, 1999

Our site will be featured in the upcoming title from Agosto entitled “Web Hits.” The book will be released in November 1999 in Japan and United States. We feel honored to be present among top sites like A List Apart or Shift Magazine.

September 3, 1999

We have finally completed an interactive multimedia presentation for Opel that will be presented at the Frankfurt Motorshow. This piece of art uses cutting-edge technologies and required about one thousand hours of work

February 10, 1999

Soon after the first full flash site – which was a huge success – we are already involved in an even bigger governmental project, in partnership with two very important British companies. Due to the nature of this project, we cannot give any more details now, but hopefully when the project is completed, we’ll be able to show you samples and an URL!

December 1, 1998

Our first major flash3-based site is done. It features multi-language selection, rich content (not just presentation) in over 40 sections while at the same time providing smart solutions for low-speed connections and/or older computers. The site will stream on a 28.8K connection and the minimum requirements will be a P75 MHz computer or equivalent. The client, a British multimedia company, calls this project “a complete multimedia extravaganza […] it is like a breath of fresh air.” The site will be online soon and we will come back with details.

November 1, 1998

Six months after SibiuNet was launched, the feedback looks terrific. The statistics show a lot more visitors than initially anticipated which makes us consider a major upgrade of the site for the summer of ’99!

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